The School of Modern Greek offers Greek Language classes from 18 months—Adult!

Current Offerings

The best time to expose yourself or your child to a foreign language is now! Our Greek School program runs September through May offering classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:45-6:30 p.m. and many adult classes throughout the week. Our Greek School is accredited by the Greek Department of Education while closely following Colorado academic standards. We offer a diverse curriculum where students learn Greek through various techniques that are both fun and engaging. Contact Natasa Kallergis at for more information or to register.

Classes Offered

Pre-School Ages 2.5 – 3

Children will learn about animals, shapes, colors, numbers and the alphabet through games, crafts and music. 

Pre-Kindergarten Age 4

In this class children will be expanding their Greek vocabulary and comprehension through fun and interactive activities.  Children will learn basic academic skills such as cutting, pasting, coloring and tracing, while starting to identify letters and numbers. 

Kindergarten Age 5

In this class the children will continue to expand on their vocabulary through interactive exercises and will be introduced to writing, reading and conversation skills while advancing their academic skills.

Beginners Age 6

Students build syllables, form sentences, start to read simple stories, tell time, greet one another, all in Greek. The class is designed to build an understanding of the function of the Greek language.

Level 1 – Level 7

The fundamentals of reading, writing and speaking are expanded and built upon as students soar in the Greek language.  Utilizing the Papaloizos curriculum students are immersed in the Greek language while learning about Greek history, culture, heritage and customs.

Exam Prep

Our Greek School functions as an exam center for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek.  Our exam prep class prepares students for all aspects of the exam.

Adult Classes

We offer interactive and engaging and fun adult classes for the beginner to the advanced speaker.  Students will learn to read write and speak Greek while learning about the Greek Culture, Traditions and Customs.