Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly

or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.  

2 Corinthians 9:7

Dear Members of the Cathedral,


God blesses us in many ways. We are honored to share our ancient and venerable Orthodox faith as the truth that God himself imparted to us by become incarnate and living and dying among us. Our Cathedrals and Churches are focal points of our faith and worship, and are a sacred workhouse where the labors of the Holy Spirit are manifested in our lives.


We joyously worship, find fellowship and forgiveness, are baptized, married, and bonded in the Holy Church. Even at the end we call on the Church to send us back to God before the holy icons in the company and good prayers of our loving families and friends. The Church is where we are formed and modeled after Christ Himself, where we find the foundations of our homes and families. Its good work is accomplished not only by the gifts of the Spirit, but by our efforts, support and giving that the message is passed on and the family of the Church is extended.


How can we call on the Spirit to bless us in all these endeavors if we don't make the Church our own with the support it needs to pay its bills and carry out its basic ministries? It is time to consider our stewardship to the Cathedral as we near the end of the year. Have we made good on our commitments through the year, and have we prayerfully considered filling out our stewardship cards and giving back for all that the Good Lord provides us?


PLEASE, be generous in your stewardship to the Church. Fill out your pledge card early, consider giving as much as you can in a joyous and positive manner. Review your giving over the last 12 months and help the Cathedral catch up in its operations. It all depends on you. God has reached out to you, reach back.


Proistamenos                                                                       Parish Council President


Rev. Chris Margaritis                                                           Bill Kallergis