The acolyte program is encouraged among our young boys to serve the Holy Altar, learn and grow in the faith, and participate directly in the Divine Liturgy. It is a privilege to serve in the Holy Altar and one which should not be taken lightly. The boys are expected to dress appropriately, to arrive early and to listen to the adult and youth leaders while serving. Minimum age for service is 12 years old.

For more information about parish youth groups please email or contact our youth director, Michael Andrzejewski.

Acolyte Teams

St Basil the Great

Mr. Nick Aretakis
Andretsos, Chris
Andretsos, Evangelos
Andretsos, John
Aretakis, Chris
Bollig, Aleksander
Callas, Andrew
Diamond, Peter
Dragatsis, Chris
Forbis, Jeffrey
Hudson, Troy
Ioannides, Niko
Landis, Andreas
Martellaro, Maximus
Nordstrom, Noah
Papadeas, George
Yiorpalidis, Alexis


St Gregory
the Theologian

Dr. Nick Kyriazi
Anadiotis, Alex
Athanites, Niko
Biddle, Ezekiel
Hellen, Costa
Hellen, Teddy
Hristopoulos, Spiros
Hristopoulos, Steven
Johns, Nicholas
Kyriazi, George
Kyriazi, Michael
Kyriazi, Photi
Landis, Tommy
Maniatis, Aiden
Martin, Alex
Phillips, Tommy
Zaharas, Gregory

St John Chrysostom

Col. Michael Therianos
Apostolopoulos, Haris
Bates, William
Bradford, Joey
Council, Leon
Dadiotis, Takis
Demos, Telis
Gianos, Nicholas
Johns, Nicholas
Martin, Alex
Peulen, Matt
Phillips, Nicholas
Phillips, Andrew
Priddy, Stephen
Therianos, Alexios
Therianos, Seraphim
Vasilas, Teddy
Vassos, Pericles