Ecumenical Councils

Council Place & Date Decision
1st Ecumenical Council Nicea, Asia Minor, 325 A.D. Formulated the First Part of the Creed. Defining the divinity of the Son of God.
2nd Ecumenical Council Constantinople 381 A.D. Formulated the Second Part of the Creed, defining the divinity of the Holy Spirit.
3rdEcumenical Council Ephesus, Asia Minor 431 A.D.

Defined Christ as the Incarnate Word of God and Mary as Theotokos.

4thEcumenical Council Chalcedon, Asia Minor 451 A.D.

Defined Christ as Perfect God and Perfect God and Perfect Man in One Person.

5thEcumenical Council Constantinople II 553 A.D.

Reconfirmed the Doctrines of the Trinity and Christ.

6thEcumenical Council 6th Ecumenical Council

Affirmed the True Humanity of Jesus by insisting upon the reality of His Human will and action.

Qinisext Council (Trullo) Constantinople 692 A.D.

Completed the 5th and 6th Ecumenical Councils

7thEcumenical Council Nicea, Asia Minor 787 A.D.

Affirmed the propriety of icons as genuine expressions of the Christian Faith.

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